CWG LOGO competition

Dear everybody!
Cryosol Working Group definitely needs its own logo to make our efforts for cryopedology promotion more efficient and more effective and to make our team more recognizable!
That is why we decided to run the competition for the best logo for our small and friendly cryopedological community.
Future logotype of CWG should match two simple parameters:
1. It has to reflect the close relationship of "cryos" - cold, freeze, ice etc.; "pedon" - soil and "logos" - science, knowledge, investigation etc.
2. It should't be overloaded with graphical details to be easy to print in different sizes and be recognizable on the web-page on any device.
We accept any kind of graphic files. Even handwritten logo on paper!) If needed, we will help you to make the "digital version" of your idea.
The winner of the competition will be chosen at the Conference in Yakutsk by voting of the participants (everyone will have his "logo vote" in the participant's bag).
The author of the best logo will get the special prize from Permafrost Young Researchers Network (in addition to the world-wide fame, of course!).
Deadline for logo applications - August 1st, 2017

Here you can submit your CWG logo!